Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Christmas Sweater

"When you choose the path, you choose the destination"

"Sometimes the gift you want most is right in front of you, but you have to get out of your own way to receive it."

After I read this book, the main themes of it kept popping up at me, seemingly every where I looked. I read Richard Paul Evans new book "Grace" just after this one and it has a similar theme. I watched "It's a Wonderful Life", "Scrooge", and "The Family Man" again all with a similar theme! It being Christmas, I guess those introspective thoughts tend to be on people's minds unless they are still stuck in the commercialism of the season (which is actually another theme in the book).
I know of Glenn Beck as a tv talk show host so when I saw that he had written a novel I was a bit skeptical about his fiction-writing abilities. I thought, okay so maybe he has written a decent story, something to enjoy and then forget about. I did enjoy the story in this, but I didn't forget about it. It stayed with me for quite a while, and I even had to go back and read it again, something I don't usually do until years later. The book was well-written and the main character was flawed but likable, just like most 12 year old boys are. He wanted to have what everyone else had-a Huffy bike-and I am sure he was aware of their difficult financial situation but somehow he believed that because he felt he deserved it, he would get it somehow. When all he got was a homemade sweater he is upset. He feels that God has let him down. He doesn't see how much his mother put into the sweater and how hurt she is by his attitude. He is a typical self-centered young teen who just doesn't appreciate the gift.
There are a lot of surprises in the book so I don't want to say much more about it. I heartily recommend this book. I would rate it G.

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