Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Hour I first Believed

I hadn't read anything by Wally Lamb before this one and had no idea what to expect. There's always that little bit of anticipation with a new author. Will I love the book or despise it? So I was excited to get into it but that excitement didn't last long at all. Even just flipping through the book I could see several strong expletives. I read about 25 pages and then had had enough. Strong expletives and adult situations make this one rated R. Because the books deals with the tragedy at Columbine, I would assume that there is lots of violence and after getting to know the main character a little, I would assume that there are explicit sex scenes as well.
The book is written in first person, the main character being a teacher dealing with anger management issues. He and his wife move to Colorado from Connecticut to try to connect with her family and they both get jobs at Columbine High School. I didn't get any further in the book than that but the blurb on the jacket indicates that she is caught in the crossfire of the rampage. They end up moving back to Connecticut where she grapples with her sanity and he discovers old family secrets.

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