Thursday, January 1, 2009

Just After Sunset

I am not a Stephen King fan. He's just too creepy for me. I haven't actually read one of his books until now however, like I said, he's just too creepy, BUT his lastest book is on the bestseller list and so I decided I needed to give it a try. I did try. It is a collection of short stories that he has written over the years so I had hopes that at least some of them would be okay. I read it with an open mind, realizing that many people love his books and he is a good writer but he seems to be absolutely incapable of writing even a short story without inappropriate language. Uggh, can't recommend this book, not even one story. I didn't read all of them but I did get 2/3's of the way through, quitting each story as it became obvious it wasn't clean enough.

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