Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I believe in being selective. I am selective about the shows I watch, the movies I see, the music I listen to, how I spend my time. So are you, you just may not think of it that way. You see, we are are selective by default, simply because we can only watch one show, listen to one song, watch one movie at a time and we couldn't possibly in our lifetimes see all shows, all movies, read all the books in the world. We are selective every waking moment. I am just trying to make sure that my selections are worthwhile, and by that I mean that I want them to be something that might challenge me a bit, make me think a little, or teach me a little, in a way that is age-appropriate but not offensive. I want books, ...and movies and shows but on this blog I am specifically interested in books, that are adult without being obscene, that entertain without making me feel dirty and gross afterward. They do exist. For some reason adult language has come to mean obscenities and adult situations now tend to mean sex scenes, but it doesn't have to be that way. There are books written that appeal to adults without becoming too graphic or obscene.
That is my mission on this blog: to find current popular adult fiction that actually handles adult situations in a way that is not base and demeaning and to warn the readers of my blog of the books that fall short of that. I am starting with books that are on the NY Times bestseller list because I want to review current popular fiction, although it is taking me awhile because I am not going to buy them all so I have to wait to get them through the library. Because it is a slow process I will include other books that are current and that I have enjoyed. I hope that you all find this informational and helpful!

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