Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Gate House by Nelson DeMille

A sequel to his novel The Gold Coast, Nelson DeMille's novel The Gate House takes place 10 years later. John Sutter has returned home to Long Island after traveling the world. Here he reconnects with his ex-wife as well as Anthony Bellarosa, the son of the Mafia don killed by Susan, John's ex-wife.

According to the backflap, John is pulled deeper and deeper into a web of seduction and betrayal. It also says that the book is "filled with the same sharp humor and biting social satire that defined his iconic novel The Gold Coast, The Gate House is a brilliant look at a changing society and proves once again that Nelson DeMIlle is a masterful author writing at the height of his craft.

That may be true, but he also needs to find a thesaurus. He relies too heavily on a certain word that I cannot stand. As it is, I could not read the book. I really do hate that word.

Rated R for excessive obscenities and talk about sex and who knows what else? Blech.

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