Monday, February 23, 2009

The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks

Logan Thibault finds a photo of a beautiful woman while serving in Iraq. He fruitlessly tries to find the owner and so, intrigued by the woman, he ends up keeping the photo. He manages to survive his time in Iraq although several of his buddies do not and comes to believe that the photo is his lucky charm.
After Iraq, he goes on a quest to find the woman in the photo. He does find her and becomes involved with her and her family although he does not tell her why he is there. They fall in love despite the efforts of her ex-husband to stop them.
Every now and then I like to put my brain on hold and read a bit of escapism. This definitely qualifies as that. Okay, it is pure fluff but sometimes that is fun. The whole premise is implausible, the characters are flat and cookie cutter-the hero is too good, the heroine is of course beautiful (aren't they all?), and the bad guy is all bad, and it is all too predictable. I thought it was fun but forgettable.
The language is fairly clean, just a few obscenities, but a sex scene, not overly graphic but enough, makes this PG-16.

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