Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dead Silence by Randy Wayne White

Doc Ford is a biologist who sometimes works for the government as a secret operative. He is in NY, expecting the arrival of his date, a US Senator, and happens to be watching out the window when her limo pulls up and an attempted kidnapping takes place. He runs out to save her and the kidnappers end up with a 14 year old winner of an essay contest instead. He gets buried alive unless the kidnappers gets the papers belonging to former Cuban president Fidel Castro.
I had a feeling that this book would be one I couldn't finish. It seems like writers are incapable of writing in this genre without using objectionable language. Of course, they used to be able to do just fine but these days they are lacking in imagination or feel that they can't get their message across without it. That's okay, I can read the classics and be just as entertained, or even more so!
Rated R for language.

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