Sunday, March 8, 2009

Dog On It by Spencer Quinn

I was looking forward to reading this book because it looked like just a fun, quick read, and that's exactly what it is. Not very long, not something that's complex or deep, just kind of breezy and fun.
Chet and his owner Bernie are private detectives. The narrator is Chet so we get all kinds of doggy views of things from smells to the female dog that keeps barking and he regularly gets distracted by things like trees and food, etc. It seems somewhat gimmicky to have a dog as narrator but I found that it made it quite humorous and almost made up for the thin plot. The author did a terrific job of telling the story through the dog's view and showing us what that would be like.
Chet (and Bernie) are hired by a woman looking for her teenage daughter who has gone missing. The woman's ex gets involved but seems to be a rather shady character. A local reporter who does a story about the detective agency also ends up involved much to Bernie's delight.
I was really enjoying this book, and appreciating just how clean it was, very little swearing, no sex, when up it popped, that word I hate. Ugh. At least four of them. Bernie even gets on the guy's case for using that word but I had to quit reading and have to rate this R even though there is very little else objectionable in the book. If that word doesn't bother you as much as it does me then this would be a good book to read, a piece of fluff maybe but still good. This is the first of a series so maybe next time he'll leave that word out of it!

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