Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fire and Ice by Julie Garwood

I am finding as I read books for this blog that I am getting pickier and pickier. There was a time when I probably would have liked this book, despite the too-descriptive sex scenes. Now I feel like I have wasted my time with it.
Sophie Rose is a reporter for a small newspaper with all its many irritations, not the least of which is being expected to interview people who have no business being interviewed. Such is the case with William Harrington who drones on and on about the races he has won, his many blisters, and his lucky red socks. Sophie is anxious to forget him until he turns up dead in Alaska instead of competing in the race she is supposed to photograph him winning. Unfortunately, not only has he been mauled by a polar bear but her card is found tucked into his lucky red sock. (Not so lucky this time!) She feels the need to go to Alaska to find out what has happened to him.
Sophie is not only a reporter, she is the daughter of a notorious crook, Bobby Rose, whose name has been in the news lately in connection with the collapse of a local root beer company. Sophie is getting serious threats because of this connection. Her friends, one of whom is married to a FBI agent, feel that she needs protection. This is where Jack comes in. He is an FBI agent who is on "vacation" due to an unfortunate YouTube video and so is available to go with Sophie to Alaska.
I thought that the whole plot was very weak and served only as a vehicle to get Jack and Sophie together, which happens so fast even Sophie was taken aback by it.
It was rather clean until the sex which had way too much information for my taste.
Really, there are much better things to read out there.
Rated R for the sex scenes (for all you authors out there-we get it, we don't need details!)

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