Sunday, March 22, 2009

Night and Day by Robert B. Parker

Night and Day is the latest in Parker's continuing Jesse Stone series, some of which have been adapted for tv with Tom Selleck as Jesse Stone but I haven't seen any of it nor have I read any of his books. He also has a series of books on which the show Spenser for Hire was based.

I live in Massachusetts so it was fun to see that the book is based here. I have read other books based here and really enjoyed the local flavor. (The periodic table mysteries by Camille Minichino come to mind. They are set in Revere, just north of Boston.)
Jesse Stone is the police chief of Paradise Massachusetts. He gets a phone call telling him of angry parents threatening the local middle school principal after she does a "panty check" of their daughters. Her husband is a big-shot lawyer which complicates things.
At the same time they are having issues with a peeping tom who goes too far.

Parker's writing style is pretty much the exact opposite of what I like. I like lots of description and details so that I can really picture myself in the book. Parker mostly uses dialogue and much of that is very short and blunt, especially with Jesse Stone. Here's an example:

"I mean, you know, you left me," Jenn said, "when we first broke up."
"I did," Jesse said.
"I'll stay in touch," she said. "I promise."
"Okay," Jesse said.
"I will. I'll call you. We can e-mail. I don't want to lose touch with you, Jesse."
"I'll be standing by," Jesse said.
"You can call me on my cell," Jenn said. "If you need to."
"Sure," Jesse said.
"Well, I gotta get organized. Monday is coming quick."
"Wish me luck, Jesse?"
"Always," Jesse said.

I mean really, who wants to read a whole book like that? That was half a page of dialogue. I didn't feel like it would be possible to get to know the characters at all. I don't plan on reading any more of his books, although many of the reviews I read said that this book was not of the same quality as that of most of his earlier books.

I did not finish the book because of the multiple f-words. There was also discussion of "swinging" that I didn't care for too much and other discussions about sex. Rated R.

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