Saturday, April 4, 2009

Cream Puff Murder by Joanne Fluke

If you are on a diet it might be best to read something other than Cream Puff Murder which is filled with very yummy-sounding recipes! Joanne Fluke is known for her Hannah Swenson series which always includes lots of recipes for cookies and other goodies. This book is the 11th in the series which begins with The Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder.
Hannah Swenson is the owner of The Cookie Jar and resides in Lake Eden Minnesota but manages to end up investigating murders on a regular basis. This time the victim worked at a health club where Hannah has just recently started working out. Hannah needs to lose weight to be able to fit into a dress for her mother's book-launching party, a tough thing to do when you are surrounded by cookies all day. Unfortunately the victim, who also taught a fitness class at the local police department, had made many enemies with her tendency to flirt and more with men whether or not they were single. When virtually every law enforcement officer in the area gets excused from the case because of his involvement with the victim, including Hannah's sometime boyfriend and her brother-in-law, Hannah gets called in to help.
It would be very helpful to read this series in order! Starting at the 11th book made it more difficult to understand what was going on with all the different characters and relationships. The plot itself was a little weak and the book is a piece of fluff but it was a fun quick read and very clean. Hannah even gets embarrased about spending the night at a boyfriend's house even though nothing happened because she worried what people would think! Rated PG, it is a murder mystery so there is a little violence, and there is some discussion about the less-than-savory murder suspect but there is very little objectionable. Some reviews I read preferred the earlier books in the series which makes me want to read them and the author has a cookbook coming out with all the recipes from the books. Her website is:
but you can't access the recipes online (darn!)

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