Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lethal Legacy by Linda Fairstein

I am writing this from my hotel room in Provo. One of my daughters and both of my sons-in-law are graduating from BYU, congrats to all of them!
The plane flight from Massachusetts is very long and so I had plenty of time to read, not a bad thing at all because the only interruption was from the flight attendant. Normally I am interrupted constantly when I am trying to read!
Alexandra Cooper is an Assistant District Attorney in Manhattan. She deals with the sex crimes unit. She gets called on when a man dressed as a fireman is seen running from a young woman's apartment. A neighbor gets suspicious and calls the police. Tina, the young woman, has apparently been assaulted but refuses to press charges and leaves the hospital. Soon after, a woman ends up murdered in Tina's apartment and under her body is found a rare book encrusted with jewels that was owned by the Hunt family, a family of great wealth and influence.
Alexandra is pulled into the world of book and map collecting which ends up being much more deadly than anyone would think.
I loved that the author did so much research about the New York Public Library, and book and map collecting, and even on some of the old buildings in New York. She obviously was meticulous in her research and it was interesting to learn about those things although I would have liked to know just how much was fiction and how much was fact. Unfortunately I felt that her efforts to weave some of those facts into the story fell flat and sometimes there was too much of a "now we are going to learn something" feel to it.
I also felt that the plot was good but not as good as it could have been. There were times when things just didn't make sense or that I felt that she had skipped over some things that needed to be explained further. Overall I enjoyed the story.
I liked the character of Alexandra Cooper and her coworkers. I thought that their interactions were interesting and wanted to get to know them better. However, I didn't care about her French lover. I didn't feel that he added anything to her character or the story line.
The book was fairly clean despite the French lover. We do know that they slept together but the details were kept private. There was a little language but not bad and some violence that you would expect from a murder mystery. I think that I would like to read more of her books when I get a chance. Rated PG-13. The author has an excellent website at
Now I need to quit messing around on the computer and go get ready for graduation!

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