Thursday, April 16, 2009

Run for Your Life by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge

It's becoming quite predictable. I knew it even before I picked the book up from the library or read the first word. James Patterson cannot write a book without a certain word in it. It's almost like a verbal tic. Surely a writer, especially one who has written for as many years as he has, can find another way to say things. Most of the time it seems to be thrown in, not for shock value because there's too much of it for that, but just because...I don't know! Completely unnecessary. It's too bad, I was enjoying the book.
Mike Bennett is a cop who also is a recent widower with 10 kids. The flu has hit their household big time (we had a bout of it a couple of weeks ago, it was all too familiar to read about) and he is exhausted when he gets called in to work on an ongoing murder spree. Fortunately he has a nanny and his grandfather to help out with the kids. The psychotic killer calls himself the "Teacher" and is out to teach rude Manhattanites a lesson as he targets those whom he considers to be snobbish or churlish.
As I was unable to finish the book due to language, I am not sure if there was any sex in it but there was definitely violence and language! Rated R.

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