Thursday, April 16, 2009

Temptation and Surrender by Stephanie Laurens

The title and the picture give it all away. This is a Romance Novel. I was embarrassed to be carrying it around! It reminded me of those old Harlequin romances both in the plot and the style of writing. It is set in England in 1825. Jonas Tallent is looking for an innkeeper and ends up hiring Emily Beauregard who is 25 years old and the guardian of her 4 younger siblings. It is obvious that she comes from a background of wealth and privilege so the fact that she wants work as an innkeeper is puzzling. Also puzzling is why she refuses to discuss her past. It turns out that she and her siblings have been unpaid help for her uncle for several years after the death of her father and only escaped after she became old enough to get legal guardianship. She of course does a wonderful job running the inn and everyone falls in love with her including her employer. Very trite and unrealistic! If this sort of book interests you, you need to know that the language isn't bad, very few obscenities, but the book is really just an excuse to write very graphic sex scenes, yuck! Rated R.

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