Saturday, April 11, 2009

White Witch Black Curse by Kim Harrison

This is a very very confusing book, even for those who follow the series, which I haven't. I am usually put off by witches and demons, just too creepy, but I think that this series would be very interesting. The world has discovered that not just humans exist but lots of witches, vampires, werewolves, pixies, etc. (Sounds a bit familiar doesn't it?) Despite the overdone genre, the book seems very interesting with complicated relationships with all the different species (I guess that's the word I would use).
The setting is Cincinnati and the book begins with the main character, Rachel, visiting the scene of the murder of her boyfriend, who was a vampire. Rachel is a witch. She was there when he was killed but doesn't remember what happened. The book seems to have two plots: the first being Rachel trying to remember the night Kisten was killed and the second being Rachel chasing down a banshee who has gotten out of control. She is assisted by her partner Jenks, who is a pixie, and her roommate Ivy, who is a vampire. There are a lot of other characters involved and the whole thing gets very confusing because I haven't read the previous books and don't understand all her terminology. She has created a very complicated world. Because I am trying to read books that are on the bestseller list I keep picking up books that are part of a series. I think I would like this one if I had started at the beginning except that there are too many sexual references and too many very unnecessary f-words. Rated R.

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