Friday, April 3, 2009

The Women by T.C. Boyle

I was looking forward to reading this book about Frank Lloyd Wright and the women in his life. I had just a vague idea about his personal life but love his homes. He was quite the womanizer in his day and caused many scandals because of it, which was interesting because his homes were built to value home life and family togetherness.
The story is told from the perspective of a fictional assistant, a Japanese man, who lived with Wright in the 1930's and only knew the 3rd and last of Wright's wives. There were four main women in Wright's life: his first wife Kitty, his lover Mamah who died tragically, Miriam the psychotic drug addict, and the much younger Russian dancer named Olgivanna.
Unfortunately the book gets bogged down in the acrimony of the wronged women, mostly Miriam, and in way too many unnecessary details. I found myself wanting to quit reading it and was relieved when the language got bad enough that I could. There were several f-words and even a word that makes movies NC-17. Rated NC-17 for that word. Another book about Wright, Loving Frank, was recommended by several people but I can't vouch for the cleanliness of it.

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Kimi said...

IT SAID THAT WORD?!!? Talk about rude
-garrett k. martin