Friday, May 22, 2009

The 8th Confession by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro

I have been doing this blog since January and this is the 4th book by James Patterson that I have reviewed. All but one of them have had co-authors. Makes you wonder just how much of the writing he is actually doing! This book followed the pattern of the others with very short chapters and a whole lot of wasted space.
The 8th Confession is, obviously, the 8th installment of the Women's Murder Club series. I have not read the series but know that it has been quite popular. It is a little difficult to summarize because there were several story lines involved, some of which came together at the end but not all. The characters, women who meet to solve murders, seem interesting. They include a reporter, assistant district attorney, police officer, and a medical examiner.
The book starts with an explosion that kills several people. The explosion takes place in a van on a street of San Fransisco. Other story lines include the murder of a homeless man, the trial of a beauty queen who allegedly killed her father, and the murder of several of society's elite. We know who kills the elite from very early on, no mystery there but the murder of the homeless man and the explosion eventually get solved.
I found it distracting to have so many story lines, including a few romances as well as the murders. That, along with the extremely and unnecessarily short chapters which sometimes ended in the middle of a conversation, made the book annoying to read. I liked the characters but would have preferred that the authors concentrated on fewer stories and fill them out more.
There was some sex and several strong obscenities making this book rated R.

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