Friday, May 15, 2009

Borderline by Nevada Barr

Anna Pigeon is a park ranger who has had a tough time lately. She seriously needs a vacation and decides to go with her husband to, where else, a state park. This one happens to be Big Bend National Park in Texas where Anna and Paul have booked a river trip. On the trip they discover a dying pregnant woman trapped in the weeds and rushes along the river. They manage to save the baby but not the woman. Soon afterward things fall completely apart.
I was enjoying this book despite its being completely improbable and thought it was relatively clean except for the violence, and it is quite violent, until about 3/4ths of the way through. There is one chapter which involves a couple of social workers where the language is just awful. Pretty much ruined the book for me. I did finish it and the language was better after that chapter but I ended up not liking the book all that much. This is the 14th or 15th book in the series so obviously a lot of people like the books but I found it just too unbelievable, and I really didn't appreciate the language in the one chapter I mentioned. Rated NC-17.

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