Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dead and Gone by Charlaine Harris

This is the 2nd book I have reviewed by Charlaine Harris. Unlike the last book, I actually read all of this one. There wasn't quite as much profanity, although there was some strong language towards the end.
I still find the book kind of confusing because there are so many characters and so many references to previous books that it is difficult to keep everything straight although I was able to follow most of what was going on. I can't say that there was a central plot to the book. There was a murder that was being investigated and the were's (-wolves, -tigers, -panthers, etc.) came out to the human world for the first time and there were problems with the fairy world that came to a climax at the end. There was just a lot going on and so there really wasn't any character development or anything like that, just action and dialogue. It seemed a bit disjointed. Several of the reviews I read said that they preferred the earlier books in the series. It is an interesting concept and if you are interested, the first book in the series is Dead Until Dark. There is also an HBO series based on the books called True Blood. If you do read the books, you should be aware that there is a lot of sex, some strong profanity, and a fair amount of violence, at least in this book. Rated R.


Irish said...

Reading the series at the moment and just finishing the 3rd in the series ... Enjoying the series but there is abit of sex and language in the books ...

Kimi said...

I would probably like it more if I started at the beginning, I like the whole concept of all the supernaturals living with humans, and I like that it is based in Louisiana because we lived in Alabama for many years (similar culture). I couldn't say it's a clean book though, sure gets steamy at times!