Thursday, May 7, 2009

I am having surgery tomorrow and it's going to require a very long recovery period which means that I will have plenty of time to read! Although, because I will be taking percocet for awhile, I can't vouch for quality of the posts so I hope that you all will be lenient judges at least for the next few weeks!

One of the interesting things about doing this blog is that I pick up books that never ever have interested me. I really do go strictly by the New York Times bestseller list in deciding which books to review. It gives me plenty to read! Sometimes by the time I get the book from the library it is no longer on the list but I like to read them anyway. Someone must have liked the book!

Such is the case with Outcast which is a Star Wars book. It is the first of the Fate of the Jedi series. I liked the Star Wars movies, especially the original 3, but have never considered reading the books. It's just not something that would normally appeal to me. I actually kind of liked it though. There were times when it was confusing because there are many novels and series that come before Outcast and so the terms and people were unfamiliar but I wasn't put off too much by that.
The novel takes place 40 years after A New Hope (the first of the original movies). It begins with a Jedi knight being overcome by paranoia and lashing out at everyone and with Luke Skywalker being arrested and then being exiled with his son Ben. Luke tries to discover some secrets about the world he to which he is exiled and Han and Leia Solo try to save another small planet. There were many plots and subplots that were extensions of earlier novels. If you are interested in these books I would suggest starting with Path of Destruction. There is a website to help you with the order at . The book was quite clean. The only swearing was their own made up swear words. I have recommended these books to my 11 year old son and would be very comfortable with him reading them. Rated PG for some violence.

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Kimi said...

why you recommmend although you said these are large, adult books?