Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Brimstone by Robert B. Parker

Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch are a couple of gunslingers in the Old West, traveling from town to town doing stints as deputies in order to get by. In Brimstone (title taken from the name of a town where the action mostly takes place), Cole and Hitch first set out to find Allie French. Allie is known from earlier books in the series of which this is the third. Cole has a thing for Allie and wants to find her. She is found working as a prostitute. They take her away from that and settle in Brimstone where they meet an enigmatic preacher, Brother Percival. Allie and Brother Percival get a little too friendly, to Cole's dismay.
Cole and Hitch are again working as deputies and find a nemesis in the form of Pike, a saloon owner. Pike wants to have things done his way in Brimstone but Cole and Hitch will have no part of it.
Parker writes this series much like his others, very little description and almost entirely dialogue. This style makes for a very quick read especially considering how short the sentences are in much of the dialogue. I really don't care much for this style. It always leaves me wanting more by way of description and characterization. However my main gripe with the book was the language. There were a whole lot of f-words. I don't know how often gunslingers and others in the wild West used that word but it seemed out of place to me, really jarring even. Rated R.

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