Friday, June 26, 2009

Cemetery Dance by Douglas J. Preston and Lincoln Child

Zombiis (the correct spelling) abound in this book that reads like a horror movie from the 50's. Or maybe an episode of Scooby Doo.
It starts with a young couple celebrating their first anniversary when a man breaks into their apartment and kills the husband and injures the wife. During the course of the investigation, the detectives discover that the murder was committed by someone who had drowned, and been positively identified, 2 weeks earlier.
Filled with zombiis, animal torture, and murder, Cemetery Dance ranks high on the creepy scale but very low for believability. The character development isn't great and the whole thing is a bit hokey but if you can suspend belief, just like with those horror movies, you might enjoy this book.
There are characters involved that are found in previous books written by the pair but the book can be read on its own without too much confusion. The authors include at the book the order in which they suggest you read their books.
There were many f-words in this book, including several from a very profane parrot. Rated R for language.

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