Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Deadlock by Iris Johansen

Deadlock is part romance and part action novel, an action novel that is romantic or a romance novel that has a lot of action or something like that anyway.
Emily Hudson is in Afghanistan looking for treasure. She and her partner, Joel Levy, try to save priceless artifacts from being destroyed in countries that have been torn apart by war. It is a dangerous job and Emily and Joel are attacked and kidnapped.
Jon Garrett is sort of a freelance agent who has offered his services to the CIA, M16, and whoever else will pay. He is sent in to rescue them and there is nonstop action from the time he gets involved. He gets more than he expected to get with Emily.
I liked the book although it's not a book that you will remember for very long. There are a few f-words and there were some sex scenes and violence that I didn't care for, as well as some things that just didn't make sense. If you can ignore those things then the book is an interesting read but it is definitely rated R.

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