Saturday, June 6, 2009

Heart and Soul by Maeve Binchy

Dr. Clara Casey has taken on the job of putting together a heart clinic attached to a local hospital. She assembles a team of workers who truly care about their patients and each other. Each of them has their own stories of love, family and decisions to be made. Clara has taken the job for only a year. Will she stay on longer?
I have read several of Maeve Binchy's books in the past: Circle of Friends, Light a Penny Candle, Copper Beech, just to name a few. I like her style of writing and feel that I really know the characters by the end of the book. She just has a way portraying people that makes them seem very real.
I enjoyed this book too but would have liked her to have fewer stories and develop those more. This was really more of a series of short stories whose characters had the heart clinic in common than a full-fledged novel. A lot of the characters are taken from some of her other novels so I guess you can read those books to get to know them better.
There was some profanity and sex in the book with unmarried people sleeping together, enough to make it PG-13.

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