Friday, June 26, 2009

Heartless by Diana Palmer

I found very little to like in this book. An insipid plot, poor character development, and poorly written overall, I just could hardly stand to read it. Kind of creepy too, with a step-brother and -sister falling in love. The best thing about the book is its cover.
Jason is several years older than Gracie and feels protective of her and their step-sister Glory but isn't around much. He is born into a very wealthy family but decides to make his own way when he buys a ranch. When his father dies and the girls are left orphans, he makes sure that they are cared for as much as possible (but isn't around even though he isn't very far away??). He is a loner who also knows a lot of celebrities and who people admire (??). Gracie is sweet and innocent and, even though she is 26 and has a degree in history, apparently prefers to spend her days planting flowers and planning Christmas decorations while being cared for by servants.
They share a kiss one night but Gracie rejects Jason, unbeknownst to him she has issues stemming from her past, so he decides to go off and become engaged to a gold digging type who also happens to be a supermodel. She messes everything up, for some reason Jason isn't around, and Gracie leaves to make her own way in the world.
Wow, it sounds even worse writing it all down. I mean, it's really really bad and how it ever ended up, however briefly, on the NY Times bestseller list is beyond me!
There was only a very little profanity and a little violence when Gracie is with the kidnappers and nearly gets raped (oh yes, it gets worse). The most objectionable parts of this book (other than the plot) are the sex scenes between Jason and Gracie. They get to be a bit too much although they aren't THE most graphic I have read, they are more graphic than I would want my teen to read. Rated R for those sex scenes, that is if you even want to read this. Blech.

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