Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Loitering With Intent by Stuart Woods

Stone Barrington is happy to have a job assignment that takes him away from New York for awhile after getting dumped by his girlfriend. His law firm asks him to go to Key West to look for the son of a wealthy business owner, who wants to sell the business but needs his son's signature in order to do so. Unfortunately, the son is estranged from his father and goes to great lengths not to be found, including having his girlfriend hit Stone from behind and knock him out. Luckily a beautiful Swedish doctor happens to be nearby. That seems to be the only lucky thing to happen for Stone as he keeps missing the son by a hair.
I think I would have liked this book except for the awful language. I got to the point to where I just couldn't stand any more of it and quit reading. Rated R for language and at least one sex scene.

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