Monday, June 15, 2009

Malice by Lisa Jackson

Rick Bentz is recovering from life-threatening injuries. In fact, he had been in a coma for 2 weeks and is slowly getting his strength and ability to walk without crutches back. Upon wakening from the coma, he thinks that he sees his ex-wife who died in a car accident 12 years earlier. Even though it seems very real, he decides that the heavy pain medication he is taking is to blame, however the "visions" continue for several weeks and he can no longer blame the drugs.
He receives a package which includes several pictures of the dead woman seemingly very much alive along with a death certificate with a large red question mark written on it. He decides to investigate which means leaving his current wife and daughter behind in New Orleans and going to LA. While he is in LA, women are getting murdered and he gets the blame.
The characters and the story seem very interesting but the language is awful, many f-words throughout the book. If you are interested in reading this series, you should start with Hot Blooded. Rated R.


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