Friday, June 12, 2009

Seducing an Angel by Mary Balogh

Lady Paget is a notorious widow, notorious because it is rumored that she killed her husband with an ax. She is penniless after being thrown out by her stepson, afraid to challenge him for what is rightfully hers because of the accusations, and needs to find a way to support her household. She can think of only one way, by becoming a mistress to a wealthy man and sets about finding that man. She sees Stephen Huxtable, Earl of Merton, and thinks that he looks like an angel. She decides that he is the man she wants and goes about the business of seducing him. What she didn't know is that he would want things to happen by his terms and not by hers.
Very little language, little violence, but oh my, the sex scenes! They are not something that I would want my young impressionable teenage daughters to read!
The story itself was interesting albeit fluff. It is one of a quintet of interrelated books (First Comes Marriage, Then Comes Marriage, and At Last Comes Love, the fifth has not yet been published) but works fine as a stand alone novel. It is touted as an Historical novel but I don't agree with that. It is just a romance novel that happens to be set in Victorian England.
Rated R for those sex scenes!

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