Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Sign by Raymond Khoury

The world is mesmerized by a fantastic sign seen while a tv news crew is filming the breakup of an ice shelf in Antartica. Next it is seen in the Arctic and then it is discovered that a religious man by the name of Father Jerome has drawn that same sign on the walls of his cave in the deserts of Egypt.
Some believe that it is a sign from God, others that it came from aliens. The entire world is caught up in speculation and religious frenzy, threatening chaos.
Somehow it is connected to an ex con living in Boston and he is being chased and attacked by unknown men who want to kill him. He realizes that the attacks are connected to the sign and to his brother who was supposedly killed in a helicopter crash off the coast of Africa two years previous.
The Sign started off well. There was plenty of action and mystery to keep me engaged in the story, and then it fell off completely when the author made known his true purposes of the book: to denigrate the Bush administration and all religion and to put forth his environmentalist agenda. He was very heavy handed with it. I came away feeling like I had it beat into my head, and that was with skimming the last 150 pages due to profanity. It's too bad. It had the potential to be a good book. Rated R for language-many f-words.

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