Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dune Road by Jane Green

Kit Hargrove had it all, a beautiful home in Highfield, Connecticut, 2 wonderful children, a loving husband who worked hard to provide for his family, so why wasn't she happy? It turns out that the "good life" isn't so good after all if your spouse spends all his time at work. Kit and Adam divorce because she can't stand the loneliness any more and she finds that living life the way she wants to live it, simply and without pretense, feels really good. She finds a job working for a reclusive author, lives next door to an eccentric older woman whom she adopts as a surrogate mother and grandmother, gets along well with her ex, and has her close friends with whom she can talk, Charley and Tracey. She even has an interesting new man in her life.
Then things start to fall apart. Tracey becomes distant and Charley's husband loses his Wall Street job. An interesting person shows up who wreaks havoc and things just aren't as wonderful as they seem.
Unfortunately the whole book falls apart at this point too. What had seemed to be a nice character study about a 40ish divorcee finding herself, turns into a 3rd rate mystery. I had high hopes for this book at first but really disliked it by the end. Too bad.
There were several f-words which were really jarring and out-of-place and a little sex. Rated R.

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