Sunday, July 5, 2009

Home Safe by Elizabeth Berg

I love the cover on this book! I think that the main character in the book, Helen Ames, wants to remain safe in her cocoon but finds life pecking at her. She is a writer who left all the practical things in life up to her husband to deal with. When he dies suddenly, she is left to figure things out with the help of her 27 year old daughter and best friend. She finds that she can no longer write and is lonely and bored. Her daughter bears the brunt of this loneliness and is chafing at her mother's over-involvement in her life.
Helen discovers that her husband removed a large amount of cash from their retirement fund but no one seems to know what he did with it. All kinds of scenarios play out in her mind: mistresses, gambling, etc. She is surprised when she finally finds out what he used it for.
Helen also goes through a period of self-discovery while teaching a writing class. She ponders why she has the need to write and why she finds herself now unable to write.
I thought that this was a nice, sweet book about relationships and self discovery. There isn't a whole lot of action or even plot really, just this whole process of Helen finally maturing into a complete adult. There was very little sex, violence, or swearing, except for the 4 f-words which are uttered mostly by one character in her writing class. Rated R for those words, it would have been PG without them.


Carla said...

Hi, this is Carla Wandelt, Lindsey's Mom (Andrea's roommate.) I love books by Elizabeth Berg. I will have to read this one. I enjoy your blog!

Kimi said...

Hey, thanks Carla! Andrea told me that you have a book blog too, I'll have to check it out!