Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lover Avenged by J. R. Ward

Two in a row that had horrendous language! I couldn't get very far into this one either. It was really bad. I also found it very confusing. Apparently you need to start from the beginning with this series, not that I recommend it.

From Publishers WeeklyWard powers into hardcover with the tangled seventh title in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, picking up four months after the end of 2008's Lover Enshrined. Rehvenge, a symphath vampire who gets energy from manipulating others' emotions, is recruited by a group who want to displace vampire king Wrath, a gruff, determined vigilante. Rehvenge is also falling hard for vampire nurse Ehlena, who disdains his affections and focuses on caring for her ailing father. Ward easily juggles numerous personal and political plot lines, keeping the tension revved high while moving forward with subplots that have lingered for several books and will please longtime fans seeking resolution. New readers may be a little lost despite a helpful glossary, but the fast pace and cliffhanger ending will have fans wishing they could start the next book right away. (May)
Rated R for the f-words that were on nearly every page.

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