Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Plague of Secrets by John Lescroart

When the manager of a popular coffee shop in San Francisco is murdered, and is discovered to be carrying a large amount of marijuana, naturally the first thought is that it is a drug deal gone bad. That is until evidence begins to point to the shop's owner, Maya Townshend who is a 30-something mother of 2, wife of a prominent real estate mogul, and niece of the mayor. When another body turns up with connections to Maya, she is arrested and put on trial. The problem is, especially for her attorney Dismas Hardy, Maya is not telling the whole truth. He knows that she has a terrible secret that could affect the entire case.
I enjoyed reading this book despite it's uneven writing and plot holes. Parts of the book drag and some major questions aren't answered but I liked it well enough that I would be interested in reading some of his other books, except that there were language problems. It seemed that every 50 pages or so he would throw in an f-word. It didn't happen until quite a ways into the book so I thought that it would be clean and was soo disappointed when they started to come regularly. Oh well. Rated R for language.

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