Thursday, July 23, 2009

Summer on Blossom Street by Debbie Macomber

The little yarn shop owned by Lydia and her sister Margaret has been a great place for knitting clubs and Lydia decides to start a new one. This time it'll be a self-help group called Knit to Quit. The members who sign up for the club all have different reasons for wanting to join. One member wants to quit smoking so she and her husband can start a family, another wants to quit having feelings for her ex-fiance, another joins to lessen his stress and lower his blood pressure.

If you have read some of the Blossom street books before you will recognize some familiar characters but there are new ones as well. Each story is told interspersed with the others but there is no problem in keeping everyone straight. This is a nice, gentle, good-feeling kind of book that makes such a nice change from most of the popular novels. There is very little swearing or anything else in the book that would be upsetting. The only thing that makes this PG-13 is some of the adult situations especially the discussion of the fiance's predilection for prostitutes that preceeded the break-off of the marriage. Even then it isn't very graphic, really almost a PG (I had a hard time deciding on that one.)

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