Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Fixer Upper by Mary Kay Andrews

Having lived in the Deep South for 18 years and then moving to the Northeast, reading a southern novel is like coming home for me. It just feels so comfortable.
This book reads like you are talking to your best friend. It is open and honest and fun to read.
Dempsey (named after her mother's family-a common thing to do in the south) Killebrew is in big trouble, or at least her sleazy boss is and she is by association. Her boss, a high-profile Washington D.C. lobbyist has been accused of some illegal activity and Dempsey is involved, however naive she may be. She loses her job and in desperation, agrees to fix up the old family mansion in Guthrie, Georgia that her father just inherited. When she arrives at the house, she finds an elderly and very cranky distant relative living in it who refuses to leave as well as a very dilapidated house. Dempsey is forced to renovate around her, and try to get along with her. Dempsey finds some friends in Guthrie, most notably her father's lawyer, Carter Berryhill and his very handsome and eligible son named Tee. When the FBI comes after her, she turns to the Berryhills for support. It is a fast fun light-hearted and humorous read with some interesting characters including Lynda, Dempsey's mother who lives in California. Unfortunately the sleazy slimeball of a boss has a foul mouth so there are several f-words in the book, most of them right at the end. Other than that, it is a pretty clean book but I have to rate it R for those f-words.

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