Monday, August 24, 2009

Guardian of Lies by Steve Martini

Katia, a beautiful young girl from Costa Rica, is finally able to escape from her kidnapper but as she is leaving, someone else sneaks into the house and kills him. She is blamed for the murder and thrown into prison. Fortunately for her, she had befriended Paul Madriani, who is a defense lawyer, several weeks earlier. He goes to bat for her and ends up in the middle of a terrorist group with a nuclear weapon.

The book is a fun read if you can suspend belief now and then. Paul Madriani is usually found in the courtroom but there is little of that in this book. It cannot be called a legal thriller like most of Martini's books, it's much more of an action novel. Instead Paul is more of an international spy. All kinds of people come into play in this book including Fidel Castro, a Russian soldier from the 60's, the FBI, and a Mexican hired killer called the Mexicutioner. It gets pretty far-fetched at times but if you don't mind that then the book is enjoyable. I found it to be fairly clean until about page 311 where there is an f-word. I don't remember any others in the book. Rated R for that one word, but really it's pretty clean over all.

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