Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Omen by Christie Golden

This is the second book in the Fate of the Jedi series. Okay, not my usual kind of book. I read and reviewed the first (Outcast) and was kind of lost but with Omen, I understand a bit more of what is going on.
Luke Skywalker and his son Ben are in exile and are travelling around the galaxy trying to find out why Jacen Solo went to the dark side. They find the Aing-Tii and learn a few things but end up with more questions as well. The Solos are involved in trying to find out what is going wrong with the Jedi, several of whom have become paranoid, thinking that everyone is an imposter.
I have to admit I kind of liked it. It was, thankfully, a very short book and pretty easy to read. What bothered me the most is that it didn't really answer any of the questions it brought up, for example why are the jedi going crazy? It was really just a continuation from the first book and probably not much will be resolved until the 9th and last book in the series.
This would be a great series for teens and pre-teens. I think boys would be particularly interested but if your daughter likes science fiction, she might like this series too. There is very little that could be considered objectionable, just some fighting is all. The language is quite clean. Rated PG for violence.

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