Thursday, August 13, 2009

Rain Gods by James Lee Burke

Hack Holland is a sheriff in west Texas. After a rather odd phone call, he finds a mass grave with 9 bodies of women. At first it is thought they are Mexicans who were dumped there by a coyote (someone who guides illegals across the border) until Hack discovers that they are Thai. We find out that they are part of the sex trade. The phone call was made by a drunk and very confused young man who finds himself in the middle of the mess. He and his girlfriend leave in hurry and are being chased by some really evil men as well as Hack.
I did not get very far into this book. The language was just awful. Beyond that, the book gave me a very creepy dark feeling. After reading some of the reviews (one woman said that the book, and the violence in it, literally gave her nightmares), I am very glad I didn't read much of it. Rated R for language and violence and who knows what else?

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