Monday, August 10, 2009

Roadside Crosses by Jeffrey Deaver

Kathryn Dance is a kinesiologist, someone who studies body language, working for the police department in Monterey California. Travis Brigham is one of those teenagers who are much more at home when online than with his peers in the real world. James Chilton is the writer of a popular local blog where he writes sometimes controversial blogs and where readers can sound off about various subjects.
After Travis is in a car accident where two teens are killed, Chilton questions whether or not more should be done about it. Soon, many readers are making wild accusations about Travis and connecting him to a roadside cross that appeared in the area. The cross had appeared soon before a girl was kidnapped and left to drown, a girl who was one of Travis' classmates and had made a derogatory remark about him in Chilton's blog. Travis disappears soon after Kathryn makes a visit to his home to talk about the accident. Another classmate who left a negative comment on the blog is targeted and anyone connected to the blog could be the next target. Kathryn and her new associate are now after Travis before he can hurt anyone else. I really liked the concept of a kinesiologist being the main character in the book. I liked Kathryn Dance and felt that her character was well-developed, I even liked the plot at first but too many things were wrong with this book for me to really like it.
There were a lot of references in the book to a case from an earlier book that was not yet resolved. I found that confusing. Also, there were side issues with this book that did not get resolved, most particularly the one with her mother. Didn't like that. The ending felt very rushed and didn't fit in with the rest of the book. My biggest problem, however, was the language. The book started out fine but deteriorated part way through. There were just to many f-words. Rated R.

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