Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Vanished by Joseph Finder

If you are trying to find an action-packed novel that keeps you wondering what is going to happed next and doesn't contain lots of profanity, you may think that it doesn't exist anymore. It seems that they always have to use that "street language" stuff, don't know why other than maybe they (the authors, editors, publishers and whoever else may be involved) think it makes it sound authentic. I'm perfectly fine reading a book that is a little less authentic just so I am not cringing constantly.
Vanished is just that sort of book. It is a fun fast book to read that keeps you guessing. Roger Heller has gone missing and his estranged brother Nick is just the man to find him. Nick is a former special ops agent who now works as a private eye and he is determined to find his brother. There is very little profanity and no sex to speak of, just the usual violence in this book. I enjoyed reading it even though the plot got a little too convoluted at times. It was just so refreshing to find a clean action novel. Rated PG-13 for the violence.

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