Saturday, October 17, 2009

Alex Cross's Trial by James Patterson and Richard Dilallo

I had been completely ready to give up on James Patterson after Swimsuit. He had been consistantly profane and obscene in his books and I didn't like a single one of them. I decided that Trial would be my last. I guess it won't be because I really liked it! It is completely different than his other books. Written as if Alex Cross is the author, the book takes place in Mississippi in the early 1900's just as the Klan was really taking hold. Ben Corbett, a Washington D.C. lawyer, is asked to return to his hometown of Eudora, MS to investigate tales of lynchings. He finds that the stories are true and worse than anticipated. He also finds that many of his friends and family are involved but that not everyone likes what is going on. He teams up with Abraham Cross (grandfather of Alex) to bring some justice to the town.

Although this is not a great or a clean book by any means, it is so much better than most of what I have read by Mr. Patterson that I found it a reason to cheer! Sure there are some implausible things, most notably the hanging that Ben survives, and there are things that will make you cringe such as the n-word regularly used and mostly the violent descriptions of the lynchings, but I still found it quite an enjoyable read. Rated PG-16 for the violence and language.

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