Monday, October 12, 2009

Hothouse Orchid by Stuart Woods

This is another book just like several I have read lately that are too violent, profane, and obscene to read and I find myself putting them down (or throwing them down in disgust) after only getting a short ways into the book. Why do the authors think we want to read this garbage? However, someone must be reading it because these are all books that have made the bestseller list.
Hothouse Orchid is about Holly Barker, an FBI agent who needs a "vacation" after some questionable decisions on her part. She goes to her hometown in Florida and finds her old nemesis from the army installed in her old job as the chief of police. A series of rapes and murders occur while she is there and the evidence points to her enemy.
Again, too much violence, profanity, and explicit sex for this one to be readable. Rated R.

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