Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Juliet, Naked by Nick Hornby

No, this is not about a woman named Juliet with no clothes on (for shame, thinking that!). Juliet is the signature album of an aging rock musician and Juliet, Naked is the acoustic, dressed down, released 20 years later version of said album.
Duncan is obsessed with the musician, Tucker Crowe, and his album even to the point of making pilgimages from his home in England to obscure towns in Montana and running a website dedicated to Crowe despite no one hearing from him for 20 years. Annie and Duncan have been together forever but they are just comfortable rather than in love. They have never married and have no children. Annie realizes that she wants these things and is running out of time. She happens to start an email relationship with Tucker Crowe and when he goes to England, he searches her out. Wow, even just writing all this makes me feel....meh.
Many of the reviews I read really loved this book by the author who wrote About a Boy (remember the movie with Hugh Grant?), but I just didn't get it. Besides, it was just too filled with profanity for me. Way too much. Rated R.

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