Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks

If you have read any of Nicholas Sparks' other books then this one will be familiar. It was a bit formulaic at times but entertaining nonetheless. The fact that it was written first as a screenplay for a Miley Cyrus movie may turn some people off to the book but it shouldn't. I thought that it worked well as a novel and enjoyed listening to it.
Ronnie is 17 and is being forced to leave her home in New York and spend the summer with her dad in North Carolina, a dad whom she has not spoken to in 3 years after he left the family. She blames him for deserting her and her brother to the point that she quit playing the piano in rebellion and would have nothing to do with her dad, Steve.
Steve had been a piano instructor at Julliard before deciding to pursue his dream of being a concert pianist. The long weeks of travel eventually took its toll on his marriage and his family and he returned to his childhood home in North Carolina. He views the summer spent with Ronnie and 10-year-old Jonah, as a chance to make up for some of the time he has lost.
Ronnie's experiences that summer, not just with her dad but with new acquaintences, changes her life. She realizes just how childish and selfish she had been and finds new respect for her dad.
As with most Nicholas Sparks books, the book is rather clean. There is some language but not much, some violence, and some sexual innuendo, but compared to most books out there, it is squeaky clean. Rated PG.

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