Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Change of Altitude by Anita Shreve

Margaret and Patrick are Americans living in Kenya while Patrick, a doctor, works at a clinic. It is the late 1970's and newly-married Margaret is having a hard time adjusting to Kenya. When Patrick and Margaret decide to join with some friends in climbing Mt. Kenya, she is apprehensive about it but goes along anyway. A tragedy occurs during the climb and Margaret feels responsible. Her guilt affects her marriage to Patrick but they manage to stay together. She begins to work as a photographer for a local newspaper just to give her something to do but it creates even more tension in her marriage.
I found this novel by Anita Shreve to be tedious and I didn't connect well with the characters. I thought that the descriptions of life in Kenya to be interesting but that was all I liked about it. The language wasn't bad until about halfway through and there were several f-words. All in all a rather forgettable book. Rated R.

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