Monday, November 30, 2009

Last Night in Twisted River by John Irving

Dominic is a single father raising a 12 year old boy, his son Danny, in a northern New Hampshire logging camp. Dominic is the cook for the camp and his wife died tragically 10 years earlier. Danny mistakenly kills the girlfriend of the camp constable so Dominic and Danny go on the run, first to the North End of Boston and then on to other places in order to avoid the constable. They are helped by a strange man named Ketchum, a sort of friend but not always. The action begins in 1954 and continues for the next 50 years.
I was very disappointed in this book, the book in the middle of my historical fictions. The last two were so fun to read and this one was like finding something really disgusting in the middle of a wonderful meal. Too much profanity and sex to read, I gave up after about 90 pages. Rated R for language, sex, and who knows what.

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