Monday, November 30, 2009

No Less Than Victory by Jeff Shaara

It's weird how things come in groups. It seemed for awhile there that all the books were about vampires and werewolves, or sometimes they are all about private investigators or romance. Right at the moment it is historical fiction. I have 4 books that are historical fiction that I have just read or am about to read which is great because I love historical fiction. I love the human-ness that comes from fictionalized accounts of real events. The last one was about the Revolutionary War, this one is about World War II. Both authors (Shaara and Gingrich) have written about the pivotal wars in our history: the Revolution, the Civil War, and World War II. Jeff Shaara has also written about World War I. This book is the 3rd in his World War II series, with one coming soon that tells of the end of the war in the Pacific. This one starts at the Battle of the Bulge and ends with the surrendering of the Germans.
I was worried that a war novel could be problematic, ie: be too gory and profane, and be so descriptive of the details of battle that it would be too difficult and boring to read. I really appreciated that Mr. Shaara was able to make us understand what was going on without going into nauseatingly descriptive accounts of things (I mean, really, we get it right?) I also appreciated that he could give us a sense of the battles going on but manage to keep the story moving along well.
I guess what I'm saying is that I really really liked the book and want to read the first two in the series! (The Rising Tide and The Steel Wave) and his other books as well. I read on his website that his father had written a book about the Civil War (The Killer Angels) and a film was made about it (Gettysburg). His father had passed away by this time and Jeff was approached about finding someone to write a sequel. Jeff decided to do it himself despite the fact that he was not a writer. He obviously has done well. I was very impressed by the amount of research done to write this book. I heartily recommend this series to anyone interested in historical fiction or World War II. Rated PG-13 for the violence and some swearing, although it really isn't too bad.


Jessica James said...

I highly recommend Jeff Shaara's other books (and The Killer Angels). As the author of an award-winning historical fiction novel myself (Shades of Gray-Civil War), I can attest that he picked up where his father left off.

Paula said...

I thought the name sounded familiar. I saw the movie based on the book The Killer Angels and liked it so much that I read the book which I dearly loved. I love historical fiction and I really like the civil war period and the WWII period. Thanks for the suggestion.