Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ice by Linda Howard

Gabriel McQueen, a military policeman, has just arrived home in Maine when an ice storm threatens. His father, the town sheriff, asks Gabe to go check on a woman up in the mountains where cell phone service is spotty. She happens to be a girl he couldn't stand in high school, someone whom he considered to be very conceited. He makes his way up the mountain only to find that Lolly (short for Lorelei) is being held captive by intruders. He helps her to escape only to be chased by the intruders, all while the weather has worsened considerably. Gabe and Lolly discover that there feelings for each have changed. Ugh...I just can't write any more about it! This book was awful on all levels: language, sex, and just plain bad writing. Don't bother with this one. The last book I read by Linda Howard was bad too. Rated R.

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