Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Paris Vendetta by Steve Berry

I'm not quite sure how to describe this book. There were a lot of plots and subplots going on and it's a bit tough to summarize. There's quite a bit of Napolean in it because some people are searching for the treasure that Napolean had supposedly stolen and hidden away. There are a couple of conspiracy theorists who think that a few people are out to ruin the world's economies. There is a Paris Club, a group of uber-wealthy types who do want to create chaos so they can profit. There is an old man out for revenge on the ones who killed his son. And there is agent Cotton Malone who manages to get in the middle of it all.
All of this confusion kept me from really liking the book. Many of the reviews I read say that this is not the author's best novel and mention earlier books that they loved (such as The Templar Legacy which is the first of the Cotton Malone books). I think that it would be helpful to read the series from beginning to end. I really like the fact that Steve Berry includes so much history in his thriller novels, kind of like Dan Brown does. I think that he is a good writer, maybe this just wasn't the book to show it. I really like that he and his wife have a foundation called "History Matters" that is dedicated to the preservation of our history.
As far as cleanliness goes, it would be hard to find a book of this genre that is cleaner. Of course there is violence, but even that's not too bad, and other than a few mild swears and some adult situations, it is rather clean. Rated PG-13 for the violence, etc.

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