Monday, January 4, 2010

Southern Lights by Danielle Steel

I am not very fond of Danielle Steel. Oh, I'll admit that now and then I'll read one of her books and then I promptly forget about it. There's not much staying power to them. This one is forgettable just like her others.
Alexa and her daughter live in NY where Alexa is an assistant District Attorney. When a major case comes up, involving a serial killer who targets young women, she receives some threats against her 17-year-old daughter. She decides to send her to her ex-husband from whom she has been divorced for 10 years. She hasn't seen him in all that time and still harbors pain and hatred for him to the point that she doesn't trust men and doesn't date. Still, fear for her daughter causes Alexa to send her daughter to Charleston to live with her dad until the end of the trial. There, Savannah gets to know the southern half of the family.
There really wasn't much to this book. I think that it was just a vehicle for Ms. Steel to show what she knows about southern culture. I lived in the south for 18 years and can attest to the fact that she did get some things right but much of it was just stereotyping. My favorite thing about the book was that she exposed the fact that when a southerner says "Bless your heart" it is quite often accompanied by a negative statement. They are really good at couching insults in very polite language and it can take days to figure out that you've been insulted.
Several f-words make this rated R. The weird thing is, there was hardly anything else objectionable in it but when she did use an obscenity, it tended to be the f-word.

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